ChargeSpot enables businesses to offer wireless charging for both Qi and PMA devices

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ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc

ChargeSpot Pocket enables customers and employees of businesses to wirelessly charge their devices no matter if they use the Qi or PMA standard.

The technology industry loves format wars, so it’s no surprise that there’s another one going on in the emerging and very exciting field of wireless device charging.

That’s where the heroes come in — the companies that develop products that support both battling standards before one of them prevails. It’s not an optimal solution, but it’s practical.

One hero in wireless charging is ChargeSpot Wireless Power, which today announced the availability of ChargeSpot Pocket, a wireless charger that’s compatible with both competing wireless charging standards — Qi and PMA — for smartphones and other products.

The device will enable offices, hotels, cafes, airports and other businesses to offer wireless charging to visitors and employees without choosing one standard over the other — or worse, creating costly redundancy by supporting products for each of the two standards.

ChargeSpot Pocket can be hidden anywhere in a business so that it’s out of sight but certainly not out of mind. “For wireless charging to be a truly great technology it should be seamlessly integrated into our surroundings so you can walk into a café, hotel or office and charge your phone simply by putting it down,” said ChargeSpot CEO Mark Goh in a news release.

While wireless charging remains in its infancy, it’s good to see innovation like this that’s trying to make things easier for consumers and businesses alike.

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