OtterBox introduces Alpha Glass, its “toughest screen protector yet”

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OtterBox’s Alpha Glass screen protectors are billed as the company’s toughest yet.

Screen protectors can be awesome and maddening at the same time. Protection for your delicate smartphone screen from scratches and other hazards is great. But how they get all bubbly? Not so great.

OtterBox thinks it’s got the answering to that maddening part with its new Alpha Glass line of screen protectors for iPhone 5/5s/5c and Samsung Galaxy S5. It calls Alpha Glass its “toughest screen protector yet,” and it’s purportedly got what you need — reactive touch, screen clarity and anti–shatter glass. And it presumably gets rid of those bubbles that you don’t want.

“Alpha Glass was designed for smartphone users who want a truer touch screen experience with the benefits of protection from scratches and drop,” said OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas in a news release. “Alpha Glass is so clear and smooth, most people will forget they even have a screen protector on. The tactile experience is second to none, with no ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ texture.”

To install Alpha Glass, you need to coat it with a provided alcohol wipe, clean fingerprints and dust from the display with a likewise provided microfiber cleaning cloth, and use the provided application card to align the screen protector properly. “Gentle pressure safely secures the screen protector and pushes out any air for bubble–free coverage,” says the company. “Alpha Glass can be easily removed at any time with no leftover residue.

Alpha Glass can be used with OtterBox’s Commuter Series, Commuter Series Wallet, Symmetry Series and Resurgence protective cases.

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