All USB cables are hideous compared to crafted LifeStar

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To most people, myself included, a USB cable is little more than a mandatory accessory used to power and sync our gadgets. It’s there when you need it, but gets pushed or tucked away once it’s done the job. Few people like having desk clutter, especially when the objects are so mundane.

But if you have a few bucks to spend on a little bit of luxury, there are USB cables that can add to your personal style. If a bit of supposed disorganization looks good, then why not? One current trend of tech leads toward fashion.

PlusUs LifeStar USB cable fashion iphonePlusUs has just launched their Fall 2014 collection of LifeStar USB cables that look like nothing else you’ve seen. The handcrafted charge+sync LifeStar cables feature aluminum tips paired with seven different styles of leather or denim.

Each are fast-charge, able to output up to 2.4A, and come in choice of Micro USB or Apple Certified Lightning connector. You can get a 10-inch (0.25 meter) short cable or 3.3-foot (1.0 meter) long one. However, deciding all that is the easy part.

These are handcrafted, double-stitched cables that have durability to match good looks. Not only does the quality prevent frayed cable ends, it helps to keep things tangle-free. But how do you want to accessorize? There’s stitched, brown leather that’s either fuzzy or smooth. You could also choose a beautifully-woven turquoise leather. Maybe a rich red or pale silver leather is more your style.

If there could be just a single cable to forever keep with you, a PlusUs LifeStar just might be it. Can they be considered a little pricey? Maybe. But such is the case when it comes to fashion and quality together. Check out the LifeStar Fall 2014 collection and take a look for yourself to decide!

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