Samsung may put curves, SIM on next Gear smartwatch

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The smartwatch is one of the latest trends that manufacturers are hoping consumers will pick up. But as a companion device, I’m sure many people are left wondering why they need one.

Most prominently, these smartwatches mirror notifications and alerts on your wrist so you’re not checking your pocket or purse for your smartphone. That can be convenient, sure, but in this age of technology, watches are more for fashion than not.

Samsung Round gear smartwatchIt appears that Samsung may be catching on to these concepts. According to a post on SamMobile, the next Samsung Gear could feature a circular design. Or it could be a SIM-enabled Samsung Gear smartwatch. Or maybe they’re both one and the same (the post isn’t entirely clear about it).

Considering that watches lean more toward fashion than necessary accessory, it’s a wise move for Samsung to adapt to a circular smartwatch design. I tend to see high-end, expensive, and/or quality watches with a circular design. Rectangles are for those lame calculator watches. Just look at the Moto 360 watch and tell me it’s not classy. I’d get one just for the looks.

Now if Samsung is really going to up the ante, it would have that same watch feature a SIM card slot. Being able to take voice calls through a smartwatch, without having to reach for a connected smartphone, can be a game-changer.

None of this has been made official, so we’ll have to wait for more details to come.

<Source: sammobile>

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  • Aaron

    Why would you need the watch to be sim enabled to take a voice call from a paired phone? We don’t need sim cards to do that with Bluetooth headsets or other hands-free devices so why would it be any different with the watch? The only reason I would ever consider paying for a sim enables watch was if my watch WAS my smartphone.