Samsung overtakes Apple to become the world’s largest LTE smartphones manufacturer

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Samsung-Logo-2Although we’ve seen reports that Samsung is facing a downward trend when it comes to smartphone sales, things are turning out to be a little different. According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, Samsung shipped over 28.6 LTE smartphones to become the world’s largest LTE smartphone vendor with a market share of 32.2 percent for the second quarter. Coming way below Apple an Samsung is LG, which currently has a market share of 5.2 percent.

Samsung has now surpassed Apple who held the crown with a 40.5 percent market share for the first quarter, which is now down to 31.9 percent. There’s a valid reason for it though: it seems the consumers are restricting their purchases in anticipated of the upcoming iPhone 6, which is expected to come with a bigger display, and a new design. Rumors hint Apple is working on two new models: one carrying a display size of 4.7 inch while the second one is expected to come with a 5.5-inch display.

Another reason is that Samsung has a very large portfolio, offering handsets for different price points. On the other hand, Apple only sells a high-end device, that is, the iPhone, so it makes sense for Samsung to overtake Apple. It will be interesting to see how the shipments will react in the next quarter since Samsung and Apple, both are expected to unveil new flagship devices at IFA 2014 in Berlin.

Samsung is expected to unveil the next iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series, which is rumored to come with top-notch specifications on board. It’s going to be an interesting quarter as many OEMs are expected to unveil their flagship device next month.

Source: PhoneArena

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