Simplicam is a new alternative to Dropcam

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Simplicam is a new alternative to DropcamArcsoft has released Simplicam, its own home security product that will compete against Google-owned Dropcam. Just like Dropcam, Simplicam lets users place cameras around their house and then monitor live feeds from the cameras from smartphones and tablets. The costs associated with Simplicam and Dropcam are nearly identical, but the former is meant to be easier to setup.

The setup process for Simplicam involves registering with Closeli, downloading the Simplicam mobile app, and generating a QR code. That QR code is then put in front of a Simplicam camera to connect it with a particular mobile device.

Outside of offering a simple setup process, there isn’t too much that is special about Simplicam. Each camera costs $149.99, but the $199.99 version comes with cloud subscription service and is the same price as Dropcam. The subscription cloud services between Dropcam and Simplicam only differ in that Simplicam’s cheapest plan is for just 24 hours, whereas Dropcam’s cloud recording is for one week.

Other core features that any good home security product should have are found in Simplicam, such as facial recognition and a night vision mode. Facial recognition only works to the extent that it tells you someone is in your house, but it cannot tell you who a person is.

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