LA schools won’t give iPads to all students

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LA schools won't give iPads to all studentsThe Los Angeles school district began a $1 billion program in 2013 that would have provided all students with iPads, WiFi connection in schools, and iPad-based textbooks. There have been so many issues and complaints associated with the implementation of the plan that the district is reportedly halting its contract with Apple. The LA Times reports that the superintendent of the LA Unified School District has halted the contract. This means students in the district’s 800 schools are not going to receive iPads.

Complaints about the program have played a role in the district’s decision to halt its Apple contract, but there are other reasons for that decision. Many school districts had begun adopting iPads but have since turned towards cheaper Android and Windows devices, and that may be what is going with the LA school district.

All of the reports about the superintendent’s decision note that the district has plans to outfit classrooms and schools with new computers and tablets. Those devices just won’t be coming from Apple, since the district could presumably save millions just by going with Android tablets or Surface devices.

Tablets themselves may be part of the issue as well, since 2-in-1 devices that are either Windows or Android based can be better in schools.

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