HTC One M8 for Windows en route to Sprint and T-Mobile, say tipsters

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HTC-One-M8-for-WindowsWith the original Android-running HTC One M8 almost six months old, many deemed its Windows counterpart an experimental device. A way for HTC to keep some of its commitments to Microsoft and secure a nice front-row seat to eventual future platform developments without risking much in the short term.

Only the awkwardly named HTC One M8 for Windows appears set to get a distribution push just as wide as the Google-backed version. At least stateside, where the tile-filled 5 incher first saw daylight on Verizon, being confirmed for an imminent bow on AT&T.

And then it’s going to be T-Mobile and Sprint’s turn to get a piece of the all-aluminum WP action, according to TK Tech News and @upleaks. The two self-proclaimed expert industry insiders have pretty much been left in charge of the mobile leaking game after @evleaks’ retirement, and Evan Blass himself vouches for their reliability.

Right now, both still need to prove their dependability, although so far, they’ve showed they may have what it takes a couple of times. So while we don’t fully understand this tardy One M8 for Windows spread, we can’t deny it’s possible.

The when of the equation is the biggest mystery, as Big Red should retain its exclusivity rights for at least a few weeks down the line, whereas pricing is fairly easy to guess. $100 with carrier agreements across the board, and a no-contract monthly rate structure on T-Mo working out to about $500, $550 in total. Interested?

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