Moto G2 previewed ahead of launch, removable back cover and microSD slot confirmed

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Moto-G2-Moto G-comparisonIt’s weird, Motorola has a Moto X sequel in the pipeline that’s rumored to make the original look like a featherweight, plus an even beefier Nexus phone codenamed Shamu, yet we seem to find ourselves talking more about the low-cost, low-end G2. You know, Moto G’s follow-up.

Of course, there’s a good reason why the entry-level Android keeps making the rumor rounds, and it has little to do with its humble specs. Its predecessor is probably the biggest box-office hit in Motorola’s recent history, and in a way, the G is responsible for a genuine revolution close to the bottom of the mobile totem pole.

The expectations are thus high for the G2, though Motorola is in a fairly tough spot. If it considerably raises the performance bar, it obviously needs to up the asking price too. But if it preserves most of the original’s features, what’s the point of an “upgrade” in the first place?

Moto G2

Well, based on the words of multiple semi-credible “inside sources”, the last of which has drawn up a nifty little comparison between the two Gs, some sort of middle ground has been reached. And yes, the G2 will likely be costlier, at $250 or so, but a size boost to 5 inches, camera upgrade (to 8 megapixels), and the adding of front stereo speakers and microSD support in tow perfectly warrant the premium.

So do the subtle but noticeable design tweaks (yes, the device pictured above is the Moto G2), whereas great things like the removable back cover, 720p screen resolution and 1 GB RAM need no artificial improvement. Remember, September 4 is D-Day.

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