It’s official, LG’s next-generation G Watch is… round

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LG G Watch RMotorola, you’ve been served. As for you Samsung, you might be the smartwatch market’s current leader, but you’ll need to step things up to remain at the top of the ranks. Apple? They can definitely pull a groundbreaking iWatch up their sleeves any minute now, but they may also want to get a move on.

That’s because LG, as crazy as it sounds, is indeed just days away from upgrading the two month-old G Watch. We’ve heard of short production cycles before, but this is bonkers. And no, the purported G Watch R (tentative name, don’t worry) isn’t merely a rehashed version of the original LG wearable piece.

Not even close. It’s an entirely new, entirely overhauled, potentially game-changing gadget, with a circular design that may well outdo Moto 360’s elegance. Teased in a fairly vague albeit explanatory promo video over the week-end, G Watch’s successor now shows its gorgeous, round face in a hype-building photo.

Part of the watch’s front is obscured for obvious reasons, and so is the rear and almost the entire wristband, yet we still see enough to tell this is no geeky, fugly gizmo, but rather a classic, classy timepiece which just happens to be capable of more than showing the time and date.

Much more, mind you, as Android Wear is undoubtedly on board, although hoping for a built-in SIM card slot for total independence is probably pushing it. Or maybe not. Come back to our site on September 5 to find out.

Via [LG Mobile Google Plus]

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