Microsoft shaves $100 off all Surface 2 models, cheapest version now $349

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Surface 2Given the glaring productivity, functionality and performance gaps between the Windows RT-running Surface 2 and the Windows 8.1 Pro-powered Surface Pro 2, not to mention the Pro 3, you’d expect Microsoft to pull the plug on the humblest member of the tablet family any day now.

Yet it’s actually the Surface Pro 2 that’s seeing stock shortages at the moment, whereas the model based on Win RT may have just become more attractive than ever, courtesy of its first permanent price cut.

A $100 discount across the board that brings the bar down to an affordable opening $349. Of course, you’ll need to make a few sacrifices in that case (besides the obvious productivity compromise), as internal storage space is limited at a scanty 32 GB.

An extra $100, so $449, or the 32 GB variant’s erstwhile price tag, adds another 32 gigs on top for a more generous total of 64, and finally $579 buys you an 8.9 mm-thin 10.6 incher with 64 GB memory and 4G LTE connectivity on AT&T.

Care to squeeze every last drop of functionality out of the Nvidia Tegra 4-packing slate? Then check out Microsoft’s accessory portfolio and start your bundle with a $109 keyboard cover in purple, magenta, cyan or charcoal. Unless Windows RT is a major deal-breaker for you, in which case you could save up a few extra pennies and get the Surface Pro 3 for $799 and up.

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