So, USB Condoms are a real thing now

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2014-08-2715-08-01-511x294Last I checked, USB ports can’t transfer herpes, but perhaps there’s a computer equivalent to STDs that you need to actively avoid. Enter the USB condom, which is now a real thing. When you charge your devices through untrustworthy USB ports (what crazy USB hubs are YOU hanging out at?), you can use the USB condom to create an extra layer of security for your devices. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your device leaking access to all your mobile secrets.

Even better, the USB Condom designed by security R&D consultation firm Xipiter only costs $10! Cheaper than a pack of real condoms! Rejoice. Basically, the USB Condom sits between your device and the “unclean” USB port. I guess you could call it a dongle, but gosh darn it I hate that word.

If you’re looking for the technological reasoning the device works, it electronically disables the connector’s data pins, rendering your existing USB cable as a charge-only cable so that data cannot be transferred from your device. Simply place the USB condom at the end of your charging cable, y’know, like an actual condom…

Here’s the best part: the USB Condom is available in three different styles – for Type A, Mini B, and Micro B connectors. But don’t feel insecure if you have to buy the Micro B size; it’s not about the size of the connector but what you do with it!

So, if you find yourself constantly linking up to questionable USB ports, perhaps this is something you should take a look at.

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