Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 635 for $80 with AT&T prepaid via Fry’s

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nokia-lumia-635Well, this is certainly unexpected. So soon, I mean. Nokia, er, Microsoft’s Lumia 635, though a measly a month and a half old stateside, is up for grabs for a discounted price via Fry’s Electronics. Namely, $79.99, which is $20 off.

Not exactly a ginormous save, but think of it as a 20 percent exemption and you’ll feel a lot better about the deal. Besides, the Windows Phone 8.1-running handheld was pretty darn attractive at 100 bucks, what with its pre-loaded Cortana voice assistance, 4G LTE support and quad, yes, quad-core Snapdragon 400 processing power.

Currently backordered on Fry’s website, the Lumia 635 can be picked up in most brick and mortar stores, or it can ship out to your doorsteps for free as long as you don’t mind waiting. Potentially, until September 10.

To be clear, we’re not talking a fully unlocked device here, although it is free of any and all contract confinements. Usable only on AT&T with the carrier’s lucrative GoPhone prepaid plans, the entry-level 4.5 incher can also be had on T-Mobile starting at $130 or $7 a month for two years with no upfront tax.

Nokia Microsoft might be irrelevant in the high-end mobile game, but they sure know how to sell the heck out of these budget beasts. On a loss, we’re guessing, but the publicity earned is priceless.

Via [Fry’s Electronics]

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