10 trendy gadgets to spice up your dorm room

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urlThe life of a college student is rough. You’re living independently. You’re up all night studying. Sometimes you need a few gadgets to make things easier, or at least add some flair to your white-walled dorm.

Put a couple of these hot items on your back-to-school list. Some are simply too fun or quirky to pass up!

1. [easyazon-link asin=”B00K81O020″ locale=”us”]Acer Aspire Switch 10[/easyazon-link]

Laptop, tablet and tent display all in one, this nifty device is everything you need to make presentations, have group discussions, write papers and entertain.

If the convertibility doesn’t convince you, maybe its lightness, high resolution and scratch-resistant screen will. It’s not only striking, but it’s also durable for everyday use.

2. Hub It Eggtronic

When you and your roommate need to charge devices at the same time, it’s like playing competitive musical chairs.

Now there’s a convenient way to charge everything at once. Hub It is capable of charging up to seven devices. You may find your neighbors knocking at your door to gather around the Hub like knights at the round table.

3. [easyazon-link asin=”B004ZP74UK” locale=”us”]Pivot Power[/easyazon-link]

For an entire semester, most of your life is crammed into one tiny space. It’s frustrating when your electronics, plugs and surge protectors don’t fit perfectly where you want them.

Pivot Power is flexible and twists like a caterpillar into any shape you want. Wind it around desks and chairs for easy access. At least it’s more attractive than a tan block.

4. Three-in-One Breakfast Station

Chances are you don’t have the ultimate meal plan of breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s a little pricey, especially when you can now make your own breakfast.

With a toaster oven, griddle and coffee maker all in one, you can forget those Poptarts and enjoy a home cooked breakfast. Get it approved by the building first before purchasing. Some schools don’t allow certain appliances.

5. [easyazon-link asin=”B009OM22JC” locale=”us”]Bheestie Bag[/easyazon-link]

Stuff happens, and sometimes your phone ends up in a coffee cup or, worst case scenario, the toilet.

No need to waste rice anymore. After all, that’s your dinner for the next few weeks. Instead, get a reusable Bheestie Bag. It absorbs moisture from any electronic device, and the blue beads inside change colors when the bag is no longer good. They’re under $20 and last up to a year.

6. Water Speakers

Make your college parties a little more fun with these water speakers. They hardly take up space, and they come in different colors like white, pink and green.

Simply plug in your phone or iPod, and the water jets will glow and pump to the beat. Turn the lights out to get the full effect.

7. Noise Canceller

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This plain little guy is fantastic at blocking out sound. How else will you drown out the neighbors who just bought those fancy water speakers?

Small and travel friendly, it eliminates sound by creating soft white noise. Now you can get all the sleep you need for tomorrow’s exams.

8. Bladeless Fan

Can we just take a minute to talk about how cool this thing looks? In comparison to a regular, bladed fan at least.

It’s not fun when you start school with broken air conditioning or a noisy dinosaur system that keeps you up at the night.

The bladeless fan is quieter, uses less energy and comes in many shapes and colors. It works like a reverse vacuum cleaner, pulling air from below and releasing it through the ring. Besides looking sleek and modern, it’s travel-friendly.

9. iPhone Case/Charger

We’ve all experienced those dreaded few minutes before our phone dies. The screen darkens and it blinks a warning before finally letting go in a feeble “blip.”

To prevent that from happening again, mophie released a charger case to double battery life. While they do add an extra half inch to your phone, the small sacrifice is worth it when you’re far from an outlet. Plus the company has done a fair job making it slim and attractive.

10. My Passport Ultra

It’s doomsday when your computer or tablet crashes.

Keep your files and hard drive safe by backing it up with the high-capacity Passport Ultra. It’s portable and private so that unauthorized users can’t have access. So, if your computer ever comes down with a virus, all your data is safely locked away.

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