The man who voices Mario has the perfect Instagram account

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So, last week I advised Instagram-users to just give up on Instagram because Nathan Fielder had won the non-existent competition for best Instagram account ever. If you manage to slyly sneak pictures of old, naked men into your seemingly innocent Instagram posts, that’s a win in my book. Not sure what that says about me. However, thanks to Reddit I have discovered Charles Martinet’s Instagram account, and it’s safe to say he has given Nathan Fielder a run for his money.

If you’re not familiar with the name Charles Martinet, I can assure you you’re familiar with his voice. He is the iconic voice behind beloved videogame characters Mario and Luigi.

Apparently he’s even voiced characters in Skyrim. Dragons!

So, what makes his Instagram account so special? He uses his voicing talents to create new, hysterical situations for Mario and Luigi.

I chose some awesome examples so you could see what I mean:

Is it not perfect?

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