T-Mobile confirms HTC One M8 for Windows release ‘in time for the holidays’

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HTC-One-M8-for-WindowsThree down, only one to go. Verizon got the ball rolling by actually putting the HTC One M8 for Windows up for grabs, AT&T immediately came forward to let its fans know Big Red’s exclusivity period will end soon, and now T-Mobile wants in on the Windows Phone 8.1 fun.

Like Ma Bell, Magenta is awfully secretive as far as timelines go, vaguely announcing the all-metal WP device will be available for sale before the holiday season sets in. Thanks a lot, T-Mo, that could be tomorrow, or three months from now.

My own personal, groundless prediction is AT&T shall kick shipping into gear sometime in late September, followed by T-Mobile in early to mid-October. The question is who’ll still care come the holidays when so many superior Androids can be had dangerously close to the Windows-running flagship’s price?

Granted, Verizon is the sole carrier thus far to divulge retail costs information, but it’s not like AT&T, T-Mo or Sprint have a lot of wiggle room. At best, the contract-reliant networks could charge $0.01 on a two-year pact, and the “Uncarrier” $500 outright.

Which sounds cheap, but is likely more or less what the original M8, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or LG’s G3, will go for between Black Friday and Christmas. So you see, Microsoft, this M8 for Windows was always destined to fail. Maybe next time.

Via [T-Mobile Newsroom]

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