5 things to do while Instagram is down

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Like me, you probably logged into Instagram today and noticed THE APP IS DOWN. I REPEAT: THE APP IS DOWN. This is not a drill. And while this of course brings to mind the memes that were created the last time this happened, perhaps you haven’t subconsciously drafted an In Case Instagram is Down plan. But don’t worry, I have.


Here’s 5 things you can do while Instagram is down.

1) Read a book:

reading-icarly (1)

Totally preposterous, right? Who reads anymore? Join me in reading Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (I want to be ready to mercilessly judge the upcoming movie).

2) Watch a movie: 


Maybe you don’t feel like reading. That’s fine. Pretty sure Netflix recently added D2: The Mighty Ducks to its instant access movies, and who wouldn’t want to watch that?

3) Go outside: 


So, Instagram is down. However, you can still take photographs outside and save them to be filtered and uploaded later. Here’s some potential subjects: flowers, puppies, food, coffee shops, coffee shop signs, coffee shop lattes, workout selfies, beach selfies, park selfies, reflection selfies, selfies of other people taking selfies, etc.

4) Grab a beer:


Join me in my chosen post-work activity. Be sure to take a picture of your beer to upload later. I prefer “Hudson” for my Instagram beer filter.

5) Have a conversation: 


Sure, you can’t comment on someone’s Instagrams but you could instead have a conversation with someone about ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless.

Don’t worry, everyone, I’m sure Instagram will be back before we know it! Feel free to join me in my Emergency Instagram bunker.

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