Tesla has plan for 400 Chinese charging stations

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Tesla has plan for 400 Chinese charging stationsTesla and China Unciom, a state-owned wireless carrier, will be working together to build 400 electric vehicle charging stations across China. There will be new stations built in 120 cities, and 20 supercharger stations will be created in 20 cities. The supercharger locations enable faster charging for Tesla vehicles when compared to regular electric vehicle charging stations.

In the agreement, Tesla is responsible for operating and maintaining the stations once they are built, while China Unicom will provide the resources and space to build them. Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously announced plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build charging stations in China.

There are already 200 charging areas in China where Tesla cars can fill up, but China is a massive country with many people who will presumably start buying electric vehicles. Cities like Beijing have actively supported electric vehicles not only because of their acceptance of new technology but because the cars could help out the smog issue in the area.

Back in May 2014, BMW also announced plans to work with China’s State Grid to build 50 charging stations. With all of the partnerships being created for electric vehicles in China, the country could end up with one of the most robust EV markets.

Via [ABC]

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