Google Authorship is no longer available

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Google Authorship is no longer availableIt felt like the end of Google Authorship was near when Google stopped showing author profile photos in search results in June, but now Authorship is actually gone. Authorship was added to Google Search in 2011, and the feature showed author information in applicable search results. As it attempts to unify the web and mobile search experiences, however, Google no longer sees a way for Authorship to be beneficial.

John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends analyst, has released a post on Google+ confirming Authorship is no longer available as of August 2014. Not only did people rarely use the feature, there were always issues with the way people setup Authorship, so the feature didn’t usually work correctly. Combine those issues with the inability to include Authorship on mobile devices and there really are no reasons for Google to keep the feature around.

Stone Temple Consulting recently looked at Authorship and found very few authors were interested in using the feature. When looking at 500 authors on the web, 70 percent of them did not connect their authorship to their content in any way.

Other than providing the name of an individual, many sites don’t offer author pages, much less the ability to link to a person’s whole Google+ account.

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