LG reveals European recommended retail pricing of G Watch R: €299

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lg-g-watch-rHow much is a circle worth? Or better yet, how big of a premium is a circle worth when compared to a rectangle or square? According to LG, about $100. Confused? Then let me elaborate.

As any tech market veteran trying to find its solid footing in a newly created and risky niche, LG made a hesitant first step in the world of wearable devices back in June, taking the wraps off the underwhelming G Watch.

Although priced correctly, and equipped with quite a bit of spunk, the smartwatch disappointed with a sub-par, geeky design that basically resembled an actual wristwatch as much as it did a rock. Fortunately, LG rapidly caught on to what made the first-gen G Watch a non-starter and acted in a jiffy, bringing to light the G Watch R, a round, classic and classy take on the original wearable concept.

But alas, elegance comes at a price, namely €299. In Europe, that is, with the US of A likely to see the tag converted into roughly 300 bucks. Which is $100 north of the square G Watch’s ask nowadays, hence the value of a good old-fashioned circle.

Is it the right price? Not if Motorola charges $250 for the Moto 360. Some may argue the G Watch R looks better, what with its “full circle” display and all, but surely a subtle, barely noticeable edge in style isn’t worth $50. Is it?

Via [Android Police]

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