Plastic-made HTC One E8 travels to America, lands on Sprint

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HTC-One-E8The hospitable, crowd-pleasing HTC One family of smartphones officially grows by one (no pun intended) starting today on American shores, as the One E8 crosses the Pacific to further dilute the once mighty brand.

Given the plastic flagship’s raging success in Asia, you’d be inclined to say its US spread marks a strengthening of HTC’s prospects on the Western hemisphere. Only the pricing gap between the M8 and E8 on Sprint is way too small to justify this launch.

I mean, wasn’t the bang for buck factor the whole point of the One E8? The idea of offering the same bleeding edge specifications in a chintzier package for a fraction of the price and all that? Yeah, keep dreaming.

The Now Network currently charges $199.99 for an on-contract M8, while the E8 is $99.99 with a two-year service agreement. Even more tragic, you can find the all-aluminum 2014 One at $50 on Amazon, so believe it or not, cheaper than its plastic counterpart. Quick, discount the E8 to $0.01, Sprint, or you’re exposing yourself to a lot of online flak.

Oh, well, on Easy Pay the difference is a little more palpable, with the M8 costing around $27 a month for a $650 grand total, and the E8 going for $20.84 every 30 days, which adds up to $500.

Remember, there are but a couple of distinctions between the One M8 and One E8. The build one is quite clear and needs no reminder, whereas as far as photography goes, the former opts for a fancy but controversial 4 Ultrapixel Duo Camera setup and the latter goes the safer route, with a conventional single 13 MP shooter. Not an easy choice, huh?

Via [Sprint Newsroom]

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