Lenovo teases Android Lollipop(?!?)-running Vibe X2, mocks Apple in the process

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Lenovo IFA inviteOh snap, it looks like Lenovo has set quite the bold goals for its smartphone business on the heels of an unexpected profits hike and an imminent Motorola acquisition. Still deemed an underdog in the Western mobile sector, the China-based company is going for Apple’s jugular in confirming the glitzy introduction of the Vibe X2 at IFA.

For now, Lenovo jokingly claims it can’t say “anything either” on the next-generation flagship handheld, subtly ridiculing the overly cryptic press invites sent out from Cupertino to trumpet the arrival of the iPhone 6 and possibly the iWatch.

Obviously, Lenovo can’t really hope to steal Apple’s thunder once the next batch of iOS-based gear sees daylight, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Besides, the Vibe X2 will have a bit of time to make headlines before the iPhone 6 hits the ground running, as Lenovo’s Berlin showcase takes place this Thursday, on the 4th.

Intriguingly, the photo accompanying the Apple-mocking tweet stars a lollipop with a big Vibe X2 “branding” in the middle, which could be a hint, or an intentional act of misdirection. If it’s the former, it no doubt suggests the Vibe X2 shall run the latest flavor of Android, 5.0 L, announced not long ago but yet to be actually released.

According to well-connected sources, the Vibe X2 is a unique gadget from an aesthetical standpoint too, rocking a premium metallic exterior and an innovative layered design. Too bad the internals don’t sound all that hot, including mostly average specs (by high-end late 2014 standards): 2 GB RAM, 2,250 mAh battery, plus a 5-inch 1,080p display and 13 MP rear-facing camera.

Via [Lenovo Vibe Twitter]

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  • Brandon

    Vibe X2 is a mid-range phone. It will also be a lot cheaper than the iPhony. If you want high end, check out the Vibe Z2 Pro – that has the specs you are talking about.