Indian import data hints at Motorola Shamu, Moto G2 retail pricing

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ShamuOf the myriad of unannounced Motorola gadgets making the rumor rounds lately, Moto G’s sequel looks to hold the fewest secrets, and the so-called “Shamu” is hands down the biggest question mark. Ironically, the ultimate source for Indian imports and exports, Zauba, today adds to the Shamu mystery while helping to further untangle the G2 puzzle.

First things first, it’s almost as if the formal introduction of [easyazon-link asin=”B00GWR36F6″ locale=”us”]Moto G[/easyazon-link]’s follow-up is completely futile at this point. We’re pretty sure of the budget contender’s aesthetics, its list of features is nearly complete and set in stone, and retail costs are hardly an enigma.

Expected to go for around €250 on the old continent, the mid-range Android is evaluated at Rs. 10,640 in Zauba’s internal paperwork. That works out to $175, give or take, but we’re guessing it doesn’t account for various taxes, so ultimately, $250 sounds like a plausible figure.

Moving on to data much harder to decipher and put into context, a Shamu “prototype for demo purpose” is listed by Zauba at a Rs. 34,982 value per unit. That’s roughly $580, which is way too extravagant for a Nexus.

Sooo, might the Shamu be something else after all? Maybe an Android Silver device instead of a Nexus 6? How about a standard Motorola, say, like a Moto XL, with no obvious ties to Google? Clearly, anything’s possible, and worst of all, September 4 may not solve the entire equation. Just the G2/X+1/Moto 360 parts.

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