ZTE to bring its ‘next hot thing’ to New York City this September 16

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ZTE September 16If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. ZTE is coming up through the mobile ranks globally after years of playing a pivotal role merely in the development of the now massive Chinese market. And no one, Samsung and Apple included, is safe from the OEM’s rise.

To further prove they’re no longer afraid of the Western big kahunas, the Asians will be setting up shop in New York City for their next high-profile product announcement. Wisely enough, ZTE scheduled the grand press event on the heels of IFA’s completion, namely on September 16, securing itself a privileged position for post-Galaxy Note 4, post-iPhone 6 and post-Xperia Z3 headlines.

We just hope we won’t be too flooded with Berlin intros and iOS unveils to still care two weeks from now.

Taking a page from Samsung or Apple’s often overly cryptic playbooks, ZTE likewise shares very little on the gadget or gadgets to see daylight. We only know whatever’s in store is sizzling hot and the gathering will be spiced up with a surprise performance by “this summer’s hottest breakout artist” (Sam Smith? Iggy Azalea? Ariana Grande?).

Now, normally, I’d try to crack the enigma by venturing a guess. But since no exciting ZTE devices have made the rumor rounds of late, I’ll be sitting this one out and save my prediction for a different time. Oh, alright, if you really want a wild guess, I’ll go with… a smartwatch. An Android Wear-running timepiece with a round face and standalone voice call support. What can I say, I’m a dreamer.

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