Digitsole introduces wearable “smart” insoles

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Digitsole-in-a-shoe-(2)When it comes to insoles, I am extremely stubborn about them. Even after being advised by my podiatrist that I would continue having to deal with tendonitis without them, I still opted not to wear them. But thanks to Digitsole’s advancements in the field of insole functionality, I might be changing my tune in the near future. Even better, it’s a wearable that can’t be seen – thus cutting down on the nerdy stigma of visible wearables. No offense, Glassholes.

And quite frankly, with so many people beginning to ramp up their fitness efforts, it’s about time someone started focusing on feet! Digitsole has plans to Kickstart a campaign on an interactive insole that can heat your feet.

Sidenote: pretty sure I invented that already for my 6th grade science fair project. Feel free to send me a check, Digitsole. The insoles connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 as part of an iOS or Android companion app. You can use the app to set the temperature for your insoles. But more than that, the Digitsole insoles can also track your activity in terms of distance and the calories burned.

In terms of the insole composition, it will weigh about 3.5 ounces with a Neotech heel and a Poron sole. The insole’s battery is inside and it can be charged with a microUSB.

The Kickstarter page is not yet live, but it should be soon.

[Source: Engadget]

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