HP tipped to unveil affordable Stream 7, Stream 8 Windows 8.1 tablets at IFA

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HP Stream 8In addition to spearheading Microsoft’s Chromebooks-crushing actions with a $200 full Windows 8.1-running laptop called the Stream, HP continues to cross swords with Google in the low-cost tablet ring, where Android is substantially ahead of Windows as far as global sales are concerned.

But maybe not for long, as the appropriately and yet confusingly named Stream 7 and 8 slates are rumored to offer plenty of bang for buck. Specifically, 720p+ 7 and 8-inch displays, Intel Bay Trail processing power, 1 GB RAM (each), 16 GB storage space (again, each), rear-facing cameras and even 3G connectivity for €179 and €249 respectively.

I know, the 3G support feels a bit of a stretch at European price points that are likely to convert into $180 and $250 stateside. So feel free to voice your skepticism and keep the salt shakers nearby.

Then again, if the 14-inch Stream notebook, with its productivity edge and physical keyboard, can cost a measly $200, you have to imagine 7 and 8-inch counterparts need to stand out from the crowd of lackluster compact tabs if they are to be priced around the same mark or even higher. Hence, cellular connectivity.

Let’s hope we’re right, and HP brings the duo to Berlin later this week for an IFA showing. How awesome would that be for Windows 8.1?

Via [Liliputing], [Mobile Geeks]

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  • bob

    Interesting. First we hear Windows Phone 8.1 will support 7″ devices ( Now we hear HP is going to build a 7″ device with 3G support, at the same time they are releasing an 8″ tablet?

    I wonder if the Stream 7″ is really phone, and will move to a unified Windows 9.