Large smartphones get a boost for video, photography

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Despite how digital photos from smartphones and cameras can be nigh unlimited, due to being able to delete the chaff, there is value in taking a great shot the first time each time. If not for the sake of photography, then at least to save storage space or time spent cherry-picking.

The devices available today have some really great hardware, but that alone isn’t enough to deliver award-winning shots. What you also need is creativity and a steady hand. The latter becomes much more important for those who capture photos and/or video with large-sized smartphones and/or phablets. If you’ve been hunting around for that one photography accessory to help you out, then look no further than Joby’s latest GripTight mount.

Joby GripTight mount XL GorillapodJoby, known for the GorillaPod tripod, has expanded its GripTight mount to fit larger-sized smartphones. As one whose primary device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, all I have to say is finally. Now my GorillaPod can see more action.

The regular GripTight mount opens only up to 2.8 inches, which isn’t enough for a large smartphone, let alone one with a case. These new XL mounts has a maw that extends to 3.9 inches. That should be able to hang on to just about any phablet in the bulkiest of protective cases.

The universal ¼-20” screw lets you pair it with the GorillaPod or any standard tripod. Now you can put your large smartphone wherever you want to capture steady video or unique photo angles. Since the GripTight mount is going to do all the heavy-holding, you might as well set a timer and jump in photos to be part of it.

The GripTight mount folds up compact to slide in your pocket, and, best of all, it won’t set you back that much at all. You can get the standard or XL mount and a GorillaPod together for $30, or just a mount alone for $20. It’s definitely a must-have for that creative photographer in your life.

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