Acer’s IFA tab trio offers choice of sizes, platforms, low prices across the board

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Acer Iconia Tab WAcer may not be the most active, aggressive tablet manufacturer in the world, with a much smaller product lineup than, say, Samsung, but more often than not, it feels like the Taiwanese are on autopilot, just throwing things against the wall in the empty hope some will stick.

Well, not much has stuck so far, but maybe the latest Iconia Tab W, Iconia One 8 and Iconia Tab 10 will be more successful in boosting Acer’s relevance in the (far too) competitive space.

First things first though, yes, I’m just as miffed as you are by the hectic and confusing naming strategy going on. I mean, have some imagination, guys, and find a way to better individualize your products. Of course, it’s not like the confusion goes away completely when you grasp the slates’ specifications.

The Tab 8 W and One 8, for instance, both sport 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution displays and both pack 32-bit Intel processors inside. Specifically, quad-core Atom Z3735G units. They even look kinda sorta the same, although the One 8 is much skinnier and lighter, at 8.5 mm and 340 grams, compared with 9.75 mm and 370 g.

But the clearest difference hails from pre-loaded software, as the Iconia One 8 runs Android 4.4 KitKat, and the Iconia Tab W Windows 8.1 with Bing. Apparently, the aesthetical and software distinctions don’t warrant a gap in pricing, and so you’ll be asked to cough up $150 in the following months for either 8 incher.

Moving closer to the peak of the tablet PC totem pole, we find the unexpectedly affordable Iconia Tab 10, valued at $199 despite its far more generous screen real estate and superior Full HD resolution. Endowed with Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancements, HDMI connectivity, but a laggier MediaTek SoC, the KitKat-based big guy is slated for a commercial launch by the end of September, unlike its little brothers, due out in EMEA and Pan America in October and November respectively.

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