Best Buy introduces exclusive Kate Spade tech accessories

Sections: Communications, Smartphones

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kate_spade_header_2With technology becoming the dominant accessory in everyone’s wardrobe, it’s no surprise that fashion designers are capitalizing on tech accessories. Kate Spade has always been at the forefront of designing fashion-forward smartphone and tablet cases for their trendy consumers, and now Best Buy will take advantage of the brand’s designs. Starting September 7, Kate Spade New York will be the first in a series of Best Buy fashion designer partnerships to hit the tech scene.

Kate Spade has designed an exclusive line of fashionable tech accessories including smartphone cases, tablet cases, laptop cases and portable power packs.

Marty Ortizcarzarin, vice president of accessories at Best Buy, said in a press release:

“In an era where technology and fashion intersect, we look forward to offering high-quality, stylish and affordable tech accessories from a carefully curated portfolio of top designers and brands.”

The Kate Spade Best Buy collection includes more than 50 products with exclusive designs only available at Best Buy.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your fashion technology game, I suggest heading over to Best Buy this Sunday to check out the new accessories.

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