Sony goes on the offense in wearable space with SmartWatch 3, SmartBand Talk

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Sony wearablesAlthough Sony appeared intent on sticking with its proprietary smartwatch operating system regardless of Android Wear’s rapid adoption rate with competing gadget manufacturers, the Japanese have ultimately warmed up to Google’s platform, which they’re already using on a wearable piece.

Meet the Sony SmartWatch 3, the company’s first smartwatch “specifically designed for the latest Android Wear updates”, as the OEM puts it in its press release. Pretty fancy way of admitting you had nothing to do with developing this baby’s software.

Unfortunately, fixing up the rectangular gizmo with a smooth, functional, productive and popular OS is not enough to guarantee its box-office success. Not even close, as we’re guessing Motorola and LG’s designers are on a beach somewhere celebrating and laughing at Sony’s SmartWatch 3 visuals right about now.

The SW 3 isn’t as much ugly as it’s lackluster and mundane, and I bet you’re going to forget all about how the timepiece looks in 3,2,1. The humble 1.6-inch “transflective” LCD screen with 320 x 320 pixels can’t help its cause either, albeit the IP68 water protection rating, quad-core 1.2 GHz SoC, 512 MB RAM and 420 mAh battery may keep the fellow’s hopes for glory alive a little longer.

Too bad it’s a tad overpriced, at $230, and due for a commercial launch “later this fall”.

Ironically, Sony’s other, more basic wearable device looks better on paper compared with its direct adversaries, offering all the standard fitness tracking functions, plus, get this, voice support, including for taking calls when synched to a compatible smartphone.

Priced at $160 though, the SmartBand Talk is hardly a bargain, in spite of a solid set of specifications, led by an always-on 1.4-inch e-paper display and the same IP68 water shield as the SmartWatch 3. Stop being so greedy, Sony.

Via [Sony Mobile Blog]

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