Microsoft’s latest keyboard plays nice with Android, iOS

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No matter how good the voice recognition or swipe-to-type software, nothing really beats a standard keyboard for writing notes or laying out ideas. There’s something about letting fingers hover, waiting to attack the keys with purpose, like a trapdoor spider snatching up unsuspecting prey. What? That’s not how the rest of you type? Give it a shot – it’s fun.

If you’re going to get a keyboard to pair with a tablet and/or smartphone, thin and wireless is the way to go. They’re easy enough to carry with one hand if you don’t happen to have a bag or backpack. Besides, no one wants to be seen with a clunker of a keyboard anyway.

Microsoft Universal Mobile KeyboardWhether you need a first or upgrade, Microsoft has a new mobile keyboard that might catch your fancy. The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices via Bluetooth. In fact, it can pair with all three if you wanted to it. Or any three separate devices will do.

The design is that of a standard layout with island keys. But the kicker, for mobile devices especially, is the combination keyboard cover and device stand. When the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is not in use, the cover protects the keys from dirt and damage. When you’re ready for some typing action, open up and detach the cover. Now you have a place to set a tablet or smartphone for easy viewing.

All closed up, this wireless keyboard is just under half an inch (12mm) thin. The internal battery powers up through a standard Micro USB cable, and can last up to 6 months on a full charge.

There’s no word yet on a launch date, but it will retail at only $79.95 in choice of either black or white. So, for now, you get to drool and wait for Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard to become available.


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