HP 10 Plus tablet with Full HD display goes on sale for $280

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HP 10 PlusSince we never really understood why the vast majority of Android tablet manufacturers focused their efforts on 7 and 8 inchers, almost entirely ignoring 10+ inch “laptop replacements”, we’re glad to see HP so dedicated to offering a full range of options to mobility fans.

Their tab product lineup included a 10 incher before, the Slate 10 HD, yet the big guy could hardly keep up with the 7 to 8-inch diversity: Slate 7, Slate 7 Plus, 7 Extreme, 7 Voice Tab, 7 Plus, Slate 8 Pro, HP 8. Now, the 10 HD has a compadre, dubbed simply yet confusingly 10 Plus. Not Slate 10 Plus, just 10 Plus. Oy vey!

On the bright side, unlike the Slate 8 Plus and Slate 10 Plus (Christ Almighty!), which leaked to the press not long ago on their way to the market with identical spec sheets as an existing Huawei pair, at least this 10 Plus is one of a kind.

Sure, the exterior feels familiar, and there’s nothing “wow” about its internals. But the 1,920 x 1,200 pix res display is mighty crisp for a gizmo in the sub-$300 price range. Oh, by the way, the HP 10 Plus, despite never getting a glamorous public introduction, is already [easyazon-link asin=”B00LPC3W1Q” locale=”us”]up for grabs on Amazon at $279.99[/easyazon-link].

A fantastic bargain looking strictly at the vibrant 10.1-inch screen, but once you add the somewhat underwhelming quad-core 1 GHz (!) Allwinner processor in the equation, it all becomes… meh. Not a bad deal altogether, just not a must-buy either. Maybe at $250? Food for thought, HP.

Via [Liliputing]

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