Get powerful projection with the latest AAXA M4 LED Micro projector

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One of the great things about this mobile revolution is that there’s always something new and/or improved coming out. So long as it’s classified as either “now” or “soon”, whatever you get is going to be one of the best. Naturally, smartphones and tablets take the top slots, since those are the core products for accessories to revolve around. But everything gets an upgrade option eventually.

AAXA m4 LED projector tabletIf you still own and use a projector that has a base larger than both of your hands combined, you’ve been overdue. AAXA, known for portable and pocket-sized projectors, has announced its latest projector. The AAXA M4 Mobile LED Micro projector delivers some seriously bright output with its 800 lumen DLP optical engine. It doesn’t matter if you need to set up a presentation or just want to experience videos on the go, the AAXA M4 brings the power.

When it comes to projection portability, you can’t do much better than 90 minutes off an internal battery. With a 1280 x 800 native resolution that can scale to 1080P, video output maintains high quality without having to try hard.

The AAXA M4 is fully decked out with a host of input connections: VGA, HDMI, USB, composite, Micro SD card slot, and digital TV connection. The DTV function also doubles as a cable TV tuner, decoding analog TV signals. No TV? No problem. Just plug in the AAXA M4 to an outlet and enjoy all your favorite content projected on a wall or screen.

If you want to go completely mobile, the USB port and Micro SD card slot offer input options for media files. Whether you own an Apple or Android device, the AAXA M4 is compatible. Whether it’s presentations, gaming, or entertainment, take it to the next level in a more compact, portable form. For full specifications and information about the M4 projector, visit the AAXAtech website.

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