Taiwanese authorities give the Nexus 9 their blessing, confirm tablet name

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Nexus tabletAfter stopping by South Korea and the US for obligatory regulatory certifications, a gadget believed to be the next-generation Google Nexus tablet has just paid Taiwan’s FCC equivalent a visit. Since when are NCC approvals news, you ask?

Since the statutory agency decided to cut the charades of its counterparts, once and for all outing the 0P82100’s market name. And the winner is… Nexus 9. What, you were expecting some sort of revelation? A last-minute bombshell, maybe? Sorry to “disappoint” you, but the overgrown sequel for the two Nexus 7 versions is what it is.

Namely, an ultra-high-end (by Nexus standards) slab with slim bezels, 64-bit processing support, vanilla Android L out the box, 2 GB RAM and a high-resolution 4:3 8.9-inch display. Ergo, it’s time for Apple to start fearing Google in the sub-10-inch premium tab space, where so far the iPad mini and Mini with Retina have had little to no competition.

Sadly, the latest speculation around the block calls for an all-plastic N9 construction instead of the aluminum unibody we thought was guaranteed with HTC’s participation in the project. A matte finished polycarbonate build, mind you, albeit that’s definitely still no match for Apple’s uber-elegant, extra-robust full-metal concoctions.

Interestingly enough, Google and HTC are rumored to be eyeing a mid-October product intro, which is coincidentally (or not), the newest ETA of the iPad Air 2. Now that would be a gutsy move.

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