HTC directly confirms it’s in charge of Google’s Nexus 9 tablet

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Nexus 9All but confirmed is a satisfactory enough status for a gadget rumored to go official in a matter of weeks, maybe days. Even better however is to receive validation of said product’s existence from the horse’s mouth.

The horse being in this case, for metaphorical purposes, HTC’s management. Specifically, Jack Tong, the outfit’s Head of China and President of North Asia businesses. Apparently, Tong straight up told members of the press present in New York City for Desire Eye’s announcement the Nexus 9 is indeed real, looming on the horizon and originating in HTC’s labs.

The exec also leads us to believe the N9 could be merely the beginning of a tablet comeback for the creators of the painfully unsuccessful Jetstream and Flyer. Of course, we might be reading too much into the intentionally cryptic statements of Tong, who said the ultra-high-end 8.9 incher marks “HTC’s commitment” to return to tab manufacturing after a long hiatus.

The only other tidbit HTC’s higher-up etched in stone is Nexus 9’s target release timeframe, with Taiwan (and, we’re guessing, the rest of Asia) poised to get the stock Android-running slate before the year’s end.

Meanwhile, rumors of an October 16 formal intro are intensifying, despite Apple saving the date for its own glitzy next-gen tablet unveil. Sounds like a dangerous game Google and HTC are playing, albeit clearly, it’d show they mean business were they to take the wraps off the Nexus 9 directly opposite iPad Air 2’s coming out party.

Via [Focus Taiwan]

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