Nexus 9 rumored to break cover October 15, go on sale November 3 at $399

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htc-nexus-9For a surprisingly long time, we’ve been in a fog as to Google’s future Nexus plans, blindly working our way through an abundance of glaringly misleading intel, or fruitlessly trying to read between the lines of formal silence.

But when it started raining, it poured all of a sudden, so here we are, less than a week away from the speculated public debut of the HTC-made Nexus 9, having but a couple of questions left unanswered.

First of all, is Big G really crazy gutsy enough to introduce the N9 the same day as Apple plans to bring forward a new iPad or two, plus an entire slew of Mac laptops and PCs? According to Bright Side of News, which quotes dubious inside “sources”, not exactly.

No, Google doesn’t fear Cupertino so much so they’ll consider pushing the unveil weeks after the iPad Air 2’s initiation. Still, they may have just tweaked the date a little, bringing D-Day 24 hours earlier. So mark it in your calendars, it’s October 15, i.e. next Wednesday.

Now, an even bigger question is what kind of turnaround can HTC pull off, and will it rival Apple’s? Not exactly on that latter part again, but a couple of weeks is not so horrible. Besides, rumor is pre-orders shall get underway Wednesday, and come November 3, you’ll be able to find the high-end, next-gen Nexus slate in a wide array of online and offline stores stateside, not just Google Play.

Last but certainly not least, BSN suggests the starting recommended retail price will circle the $400 mark. Quite a premium compared to past 7-inch Nexuses, but maybe this means the plastic construction report was bogus, and a 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 chip is indeed found beneath the hood. Would metal, 64-bit processing and Quad HD screen resolution justify the extravagant pricing? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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