TechnologyTell Review: Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy, Screenster Plush

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Fingerprints and smudges. They’re the bane of clear, visible screens. It’s an unavoidable byproduct of human handling, unless you happen to be one that wears and only touches with gloves. But then that can feel a little too clinical.

Most of us simply grab a loose part of our clothing – the hem of a polyester or cotton shirt – and wipe away. Or try to. While some materials and weaves do well to erase oily marks on glass and screens, others serve to swirl it around and make things worse. So if you’re looking for a solution that is a combination of fun and refinement, you might be interested in what Toddy Gear has in store.

Seeing as how my plain microfiber cleaning cloths have seen much action and been put through the ringer, I was more than happy to check out what Toddy Gear was willing to send.


Both the Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy and Toddy Gear Screenster Plush are dual-sided with microfiber and silk. The microfiber cleans and the silk polishes, so you get the best of both worlds. When I opted to test out the compact cloth, I wasn’t expecting to also get the Screenster Plush as well. I got a good laugh for a few minutes, since it was a surprise. And it also seemed ridiculous at first blush. A plush? How funny.

Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy Screenster box

Pocket Toddy (left) and Screenster (right)

As one who wears glasses, I almost always have had some cleaning cloth within easy reach. Dust, smudges, or splashes of liquid foodstuffs from cooking (usually oil) tend to find their way right on my glasses. If I set my beer down too abruptly and slosh it, a drop never hits my face (or mouth). No. It’s always my glasses.

Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy Screenster S3

Unnerving stare aside, she gets the job done

Most cleaning cloths out there come in a rectangular shape that you can fold up and tuck away in a pocket somewhere. The Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy does one better by being able to fold up into itself. In that form, both the microfiber and silk sides are readily available to use.

The slight thickness of it all provides something for your fingers to grip on to. If you need more cloth to rub and wipe with, simply unfold the Pocket Toddy it to its full 5”x7” glory. The elastic loop can attach the cloth to keys, split rings, or carabiners for easy convenience. Or anywhere else.

Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy Screenster shine

Check that shine!

Despite my initial giggle at the Toddy Gear Screenster Plush, I’ve found it to be very useful. Its bigger, thicker form makes it easier to grip and wipe down larger objects: TVs, monitors, laptops, tablets, and more.

Just as with the Pocket Toddy, the Screenster Plush has a microfiber side for cleaning, a silk side for polishing, and an elastic loop.

While the hands and feet of the Screenster Plush are able to wipe off glasses, it doesn’t do as well as the Pocket Toddy. However, the plush makes more surface contact with my laptop screen versus the Pocket Toddy. To each its own.

Both products are stitched together well, although I did find a few loose threads on the Pocket Toddy. I expect them to hold up well against normal wear and tear, washing included. I gave all the seams a good tug to see if parts would pull loose. They’re both made well.


The Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy and Toddy Gear Screenster Plush may seem a bit pricey for cleaning cloths, but they’re meant for a different crowd. Personally, I also prefer to keep quality items as opposed to going the route of replaceable disposables. Each of these cleaning cloths perform well and carry conveniently, thanks to the elastic loop. If you don’t care for having them hang off your gear, each are small enough to tuck away much the same as any other small- or medium-sized cloth.

Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy Screenster glasses

Love the lens pattern for the Pocket Toddy

My favorite is the Pocket Toddy. I’m likely biased, due to my glasses. But I also like the folding form and how it’s great for camera lenses, smaller gadgets, and mobile screens. I find the Screenster Plush more useful to have on hand as a desk item.

It makes short work of wiping clear laptop touchscreens, larger tablets, and monitors. Or even large TVs, that grubby 2-year-old hands are able to reach up and smack sugary smeariness all over. True story.

Given the amount of small and/or mobile devices we have in our everyday lives, one can make great use of a Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy or Screenster Plush. It doesn’t necessarily have to be electronic, as these cloths are great for crystal, jewelry, glass, polished wood, etc. The Toddy Gear Pocket Toddy and Toddy Gear Screenster Plush come in a variety of styles to choose from. If not for your own personal use, either of these would make great stocking-stuffers and/or secret Santa gifts.

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