Curious how Lollipop got the Android 5.0 gig? This hilarious ad explains it all

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Android-LollipopOn the very eve of Nexus 6, 9 and Android L’s full announcements, Google took its trolling nature to new heights by releasing a short teaser video titled “Sweeeeet”. In it, several desserts, Oreo bizarrely included, plus a couple of healthier snacks (Lettuce?!?) auditioned for the role of their lifetimes.

Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lady Finger, Lemon Drop, they were all technically in contention to name the next OS build of Android, tentatively called L. Of course, Google knew full well at that point who had won the casting call, humorously yanking the chain of conspiracy theorists online that managed to narrow the suspect list down to three: Lollipop, Licorice and Lion.

The big, dramatic reveal finally happened, and one of the shoo-in favorites, Lollipop, got the gig. End of story? Not so fast, as some of you may be interested in exactly what recommended the candy for prevalence over, say, Oreo.

Well, that one’s easy (better luck next, next, next time), but in case you were wondering, Lady Finger was in the cards until getting cold feet and lagging. Rookie mistake, man, but even if LF had aced his (its?) audition, the part wouldn’t have been a guarantee.

I mean, Lemon Drop is the definition of cute, and she still lost. Ultimately, it was probably meant to be this way. Besides, everyone else overkilled it with the fancy costumes, while Lollipop got in, had fun, stayed delicious, got out. All in “The sweet search for L”, Google’s latest Android commercial:

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