Android 5.0 Lollipop headed for Samsung Galaxy S5 in December, sources say

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Galaxy S5 Android LIt shouldn’t be long now. First, the new members of the Nexus family will ship to early buyers. Then, the N5 and N9’s ancestors will leave KitKat behind. Before you know it, it’ll be the turn of Google Play Edition devices to run Android 5.0 Lollipop.

And from there, it’s only one small step for Sony Xperia Zs, HTC Ones, or flagship Samsung Galaxy phones. Yes, ladies and gents, the avalanche of L updates is nearing, and there’s no way to stop the sweet downpour.

Now the race is on for who can put out the first non-stock 5.0 port. Of course, it wouldn’t be very fair to include Motorola in the mix, given their tight relationship with Google and non-existent custom UI on Moto X or Gs.

So it’s Samsung vs. HTC vs. Sony vs. LG. Needless to point out which is the heavy favorite when it comes to device sales, and apparently, Samsung wants to honor its reputation and reward its faithful fanbase.

Rumor is the Galaxy Note 4 could score Lollipop goodies as early as November, with the Galaxy S5 next in line the ensuing month. The latter deadline comes courtesy of Sam Mobile, whose “inside sources” rarely miss timing marks.

Granted, pegging exact dates for software rollouts is hardly science, and a lot of things can come up between now and December. Bugs, customization glitches, stability issues, you name it.

Besides, another reason you shouldn’t get too excited and count on lollipops gracing your Christmas tree is these things always roll out in phases. Phase one may get underway in six or so weeks, but there are no guarantees you’ll all leave KitKat behind by the end of the year.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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