Amazon Fire TV stick competes with Chromecast, Roku

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The Fire Phone has been a huge bust for Amazon, who is still sitting on $83 million worth of unsold phones. They can’t even give them away, even for next to nothing. It’s a shame. But, of course, the marketplace giant always has irons in the fire, and it’s latest is sure to bring that bottom line back up.

Amazon Fire TV stick popcornAmazon has just introduced the Fire TV stick, the latest HDMI media streaming device. It’s definitely a one upper that boasts twice the cores, memory, Wi-Fi band/antenna, and internal storage (technically four times) than Google’s Chromecast. Check out the Amazon Fire TV stick product page and you can see they have no shame pointing out its major strengths against the competition.

But it’s good to see that Amazon has come to some senses by putting out a device people are going to want. The Fire TV stick uses the same interface as the popular Amazon Fire TV, providing much of the same content too. The plug and play Fire TV stick lets users tap into all of their favorite streaming providers as well as Amazon’s vast digital media library.

“Fire TV Stick is not a gadget—it’s a seamlessly integrated service that brings together the features customers expect from Amazon”

Although the Fire TV Remote App is available for Android (soon for iOS), the Fire TV stick comes with its own remote so you can free your smartphone for something else. It can be pretty handy. Better than that is the compatibility with captive portal internet access (coming soon). Remember all those times you wanted your Chromecast to work while staying at a hotel, but it wouldn’t? The Amazon Fire TV stick will. So you’ll be able to connect to wireless networks that require some browser-based portal log-in. If that’s not enough of a reason to get one, I don’t know what it.

This device, which is apparently not supposed to be called a gadget, has support for games, photos, music, mirroring, and more. Check out the Amazon Fire TV stick for full information and breakdown of what it can do. You can pre-order one right now, but it seems that the demand has pushed delivery dates into the beginning of the new year.

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