Android L includes default encryption

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Android L includes default encryptionGoogle has revealed some of the new security features in Android L in a blog post. The company says Android L is the first version of the mobile operating system that turns on encryption by default, and it has many other security features that can be utilized if necessary. Google says these new features will roll out with Android L to devices within the coming weeks, at least for some smartphones and tablets.

The same type of phone and tablet encryption that is found in the current version of Android is also found in Android L, but the difference is that it is turned on by default in Lollipop. All users will now have their device’s contents secured, whereas before the encryption feature had to be switched on manually.

Google plans to do a few things with the new security features, including making Android a truly secure and trustworthy platform. Android L is one of the biggest Android updates since the Snowden leaks took place, and like its competitors, Google is trying to repair and boost its reputation in the security community.

Even though default encryption is something that users should be happy about, law enforcement officials have voiced concerns about the move.

Outside of default encryption, a feature called SmartLock has been introduced. The feature lets users lock a phone using location, facial recognition, and other new methods.

Via [Ars Technica]

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