Crowdfunding site for medical costs launched

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Crowdfunding site for medical costs launchedSome existing crowdfunding sites have been used to raise money for people in need of expensive medical treatments, but now there is a site just for those expenses., a crowdfunding site from Derek Ray, is meant to cover medical and emergency costs when people have no other way to pay them.

Ray originally launched Thoughtful as a site for brands and celebrities, but the property went through a shift in order to become a medical crowdfunding website. Part of the reason for the change, according to Ray, was losing his mother to cancer and realizing the expenses involved in cancer treatment.

Thoughtful is inherently different than Kickstarter or Indiegogo because of its focus, but the way it operates is also unique. The site does not charge any additional fees, and campaigns don’t have to meet an initial goal to be successfully funded. Donations made to campaigns can have an extra gift added that will help the site, however.

Among those who would benefit from is Glenn Eslinger, an individual whom Ray says is currently dealing with medical expenses of $900 per day while battling cancer. With a relatively small number of donations from compassionate individuals, people like Eslinger can have an easier time paying off those expenses.

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