808 Performer headphones bring boom, comfort for budgets

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Most people I know love music and audio products, yet are loathe to overspend. They’re perfectly fine with the basic earbuds that come with today’s new smartphones. However, as soon as I let them listen to a pair of Sennheiser or V-Moda headphones, minds are quickly changed. They absolutely love the richer sound, that is, until they see the sticker price.

If you’ve been torn between big bass and your monthly budget, 808 Audio has unveiled a happy medium that’s sure to please. The 808 Performer headphones are inspired by what DJs and sound engineers tend to wear while at work. 808 touts the suspension ear cup technology as the first of its kind for the best fit. Whether you plan to listen to music for hours or days on end, the 808 Performer headphones provide a custom fit for all ear and head shapes.

808 performer headphone colors

Not only does the ear cup suspension greatly reduce fatigue, but it also helps to maintain a solid seal to keep the sound in.

But comfort isn’t everything, right? The 808 Performer headphones have enhanced bass – more than what you get from a standard audio curve. Sure, it may be a bit excessive for folk or easy-listening music. But if you crave the boom for hip-hop, D&B, or EDM, the 808 Performer headphones are gonna bring the noise.

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or just want to pretend to be one, these headphones feature 90 degree ear cup rotation so you can listen with only one ear. They come in choice of six colors to match your personal style. Best of all is that the 808 Performer headphones are affordable. It’ll set you back $80 for wired and $100 for Bluetooth wireless.

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