Best Buy offers minimum $100 Nexus 9 savings with tablet trade-ins

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Nexus_9We’re guessing Google’s Nexus 9 tablet is nowhere near as in-demand as the N6 smartphone, since the former can be bought from the Play Store and a couple of third-party retailers with ease. Furthermore, Best Buy already feels the need to throw an extra incentive at prospective N9 buyers, letting them slash at least $100 off the tablet’s list price.

There’s a small catch, of course, as the savings can only be redeemed with a qualifying trade-in. Technically, BB is willing to take whatever tablet off your hands, and give 100 bucks in exchange.

But there comes the second catch. The slate you’re looking to discard will have to power on and be in near-mint condition. That means cracked screens are unacceptable, and so is any sort of water damage. Plus, the offer “excludes the Barnes and Noble Nook and e-readers” and “not all products are eligible for trade-in.”

Translation – don’t even think of trying to dupe Best Buy into paying $100 for a used no-name gadget that costs $50 or $70 new. But if, say, you have a working Nexus 7 lying around, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, this promo is for you.

Obviously, BB doesn’t put any green in your pocket. Instead, they’re handing out a “minimum” $50 gift card and $50 coupon towards the purchase of a Nexus 9. Minimum, mind you, so if you’re looking to get rid of a perfectly functional iPad to jump ship to Android, you may save extra.

Normally, the HTC-made 9 incher goes for $399.99 in a 16 GB Wi-Fi-only configuration, $479.99 with twice the storage space, and $599.99 with LTE speeds added in the mix. That last flavor is only available for pre-orders at the moment, whereas the other two can be grabbed in Best Buy physical stores. The coupon and gift card, likewise, can only be redeemed in a brick and mortar retail location.

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