Create stunning photos for holiday cards with these mobile apps

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Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone by (technically, some outlets have stretched those single days into weeks worth of savings, but I digress), many people still have shopping left to do. And you know how the pressure builds up as time ticks down. Nobody likes to be the recipient of a gift purchased out of desperation because of poor planning and time management.

So get ahead of your game this year by sending out holiday cards to friends and family. You don’t need to schedule a day off and fork over big bucks to a professional photographer. Here are five mobile apps that can help you transform images into print-worthy masterpieces. The best part is that they’re simple and practically one-touch!

PicLab HD Camera (available for Android)

Like most photo-editors, this one has some rudimentary effects, frames, and even stickers that can be added to images. But don’t get drawn to those, when it’s all the other editing options that makes this app a standout. Before adding all the glitz and glamour, you want to make sure that your photo is cropped and orientated the way you want. PicLab HD Camera does that but can also adjust overall brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and sharpness. It’s as easy as sliding a finger across a dial until you see your desired result. There’s even buttons for auto-levels and auto-contrast too!

Facetune (available for Android and iOS)

If you want to turn your basic photos into professional lookalikes, you need to master the art of Photoshop. Or do you? Facetune provides all that touch-up power to the tips of your fingers. We’re all beautiful, it’s true, but this app brings out the stunning. Just a few quick flicks on the screen will brighten teeth, smooth out lines, and accentuate best features with intensity or extra shading. If you want, you can go the extra mile to reshape and recolor. Either way, you’ve just touched up a photo and made it magazine ready. And voila! The picture is ready to hit the front pages of a magazine.

Pixlr-o-matic (available for Android and iOS)

If you love using Instagram, then this app is for you. Load the photo you want (can be local or from cloud storage) to enhance, then choose among the plethora of effects, overlays, and borders. You can mix and match to your heart’s content. If that’s not enough, the app has hundreds more of styles that can be installed. When you’re all done, the result can be saved to your device in the original or a smaller size. This way the photo for the holiday card ends up as a surprise in the mail instead of a sneak-peek on social media.

Pic Stitch (Available for Android and iOS)

Are you having a hard time deciding which amazing photo should be turned into a holiday card? Well why choose only one when a collage can have two, three, or four! Choose one of twenty collage layouts before uploading your polished showpieces into each frame. You can completely customize the aspect ratio of the whole shape as well as resize the interior frames. Borders can be added, but those packs come as a purchase. Otherwise, size and center each photo until perfection before saving. You can store it locally, send it off to social media, or even to a nearby Walgreens for physical printing. How cool is that?

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