Roku wants to stream on 4K televisions

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Roku wants to stream on 4K televisions With the growth of the 4K television market in the past two years, a large emphasis on the upgraded TVs at CES 2015 was unavoidable. Even though most large TV companies are getting into the 4K sector, 4K content is lacking. Roku has revealed an attempt to address that problem by making 4K content from streaming services more readily available.

Roku has introduced a reference TV model that would have a large emphasis on 4K streaming. The first 4K streaming partner for Roku will be Netflix, a streaming service that is in the process of rolling out higher resolution content. Netflix still has very little 4K content available for its users, but by the time 4K TVs with Roku hit the market, that may no longer be the case.

Roku already has its first manufacturing partner in the television market that will launch a smart TV with the Roku TV platform. Chinese technology company TCL plans to come out with a television.

Other TV manufacturers that are not necessarily in the 4K business yet are also planning to come out with models that feature Roku TV. Among those are Haier and the Insignia brand from Best Buy. At the earliest, TV models with Roku TV will be out after the first half of 2015.

Via [The Verge]

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