Samsung puts out Tizen ‘flood’ warning, with focus on TVs and smart appliances

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TizenWhy is Samsung so adamant to make the Linux-based Tizen operating system work, despite the critical opinion of most wireless carriers worldwide? Apparently, the platform is “lighter” than other OSes (cough, Android, cough), and eats up less processing power and memory, “thereby ensuring faster device speeds while consuming less energy.”

That’s all part of a Tizen pleading posted on Samsung Tomorrow, the electronics giant’s official global blog soon after Z1’s introduction. In case you missed it, the Z1 is the world’s first consumer-oriented Tizen smartphone, priced at the equivalent of $90 in India, and squarely available around those parts at the moment.

The very fact Sammy needs to spell out Tizen’s advantages and justify the recent onslaught of gadgets built on the open-source OS is bad news for the “lightweight” piece of software. And so is the “flood” alert included in the blog post.

Actually, it’s outright sad the Korean Android kings have to build buzz for the platform themselves, by warning us they’ll invade the market with Tizen-running smart appliances and smart TVs throughout 2015. Any Z1 siblings, maybe?

How about the rumored “Orbis” Gear S smartwatch follow-up, is that part of Samsung’s strategy for reducing its Android reliance as well? Probably, though the company isn’t ready to confirm anything.

Just that we’ll be seeing “a lot of Tizen” around, and an increased “openness” to Internet of Things diversity. If Google didn’t feel strong-armed to play favorites with Samsung in the Android landscape before, the search giant should probably regard this as a final notice. Do as the Galaxy creators please, or gear up for even more mobile OS competition.

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