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To some people, a keyboard is just a keyboard. But they may be the same type who can pick any random mechanical pencil off of retail peg-hooks and feel completely satisfied. I don’t know how to do that, since even mechanical pencils are tools in my eyes. And any tools I use – knives for the kitchen, trimmers for the backyard, or keyboards for writing/gaming – are carefully chosen for the long-term.

It all comes down to personal choice and what feels best. Since I spend much time typing every day, a keyboard is pretty important to me. So let me tell you what a huge deal it is to have a new keyboard dethrone the long-standing champion.

Design & Durability

If you’re a current or previous owner of a keyboard folio for a tablet, the Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard will make you feel right at home. Though, arguably, one in a better, more upscale neighborhood. Despite how the Keys-to-Go is primarily described as being compatible with iPads and iPhones, it works with any Bluetooth compatible device. So Windows and Android users can keep reading.

While not pocket-sized, this is certainly one of the easiest Bluetooth keyboards to pack and carry on a whim. The Keys-to-Go is only twice the thickness of your car/house key, and thinner than most tablets. In fact, most 8-inch tablets make the best size-complement to the Keys-to-Go. Except for about an inch of length in favor of the keyboard, both devices share similar silhouettes. But don’t worry. 10-inch tablets are just as great. We’re talking about fantastic size here, people!

Logitech keys to go keyboard hand

It’s got a great hand size, like holding a book.

Unlike other brands/models of mobile keyboards, this latest from Logitech provides most all the keys you might expect from a full-sized or laptop keyboard. The scale is just slightly smaller, which may require a bit of an adjustment period. I consider the spacing between keys to be cozy, not cramped. There’s sufficient room to allow for individual strokes, and I can still breeze through words without fat-fingering typos. And that’s what counts.

Some keys may appear to be missing, at first. Where the escape key would be is a rounded square instead. Hold down the function button and it works as escape (for prompts, menus, etc). But if you’ve been accustomed to having a second CTRL key on the right-hand side of the keyboard, or a key for taking screenshots, you’ll have to get an app to remap. Those things weren’t that big a deal for me at first. I was still getting used to having the function key where my pinky would normally expect to hit CTRL. But you do get a function row as a well as a full number row.

Logitech keys to go keyboard LED

The battery is still going strong, straight out of the box.

The bottom of the Logitech Keys-to-Go is completely smooth with no feet. The matte silicone does a great job at staying in place on flat surfaces while not feeling tacky. Type as hard as you like and it’ll pretty much stay put – I can’t stand when keyboards shift when you type.

The Keys-to-Go keys are covered with a soft silicone-like material that pretends to be cloth, which is a dream to type on. This ‘FabricSkin’ is molded in shape of the full keyboard. Sometimes it feels hard to go back to standard plastic (I wonder if future keyboards might add this material for its own sake). There is sufficient depth to each key to make tactile navigation possible. The F and J keys each have a silicone bump for proper finger positions.

One of the highlight features of the Keys-to-Go is the liquid-resistant nature. With the exception of the Micro USB port and power switch on the right-hand side, there are no openings for liquids to seep through. The top and bottom materials completely fuse all the way around. This kind of protection goes beyond mere droplets of water.

You can spill entire containers of fluids over the Keys-to-Go, just to watch it be shrugged off. Debris, such as crumbs or dust particles, also have no home within this keyboard. And when the Keys-to-go does happen to collect dirt from fingers, all it needs is a good wipe down to clean it back up.

Let me mention how much I like the power switch on this keyboard. It’s small and requires deliberate action to flip. This means you don’t have to worry about carrying the Keys-to-Go and have it accidentally turn on. (It has happened to me before with other keyboards, and it’s quite infuriating to find your device completely empty on power when you need it most.) But then, the Keys-to-Go has some incredible battery life anyway.

In terms of durability, this Logitech keyboard could be practically indestructible. It would take some serious puncturing force to damage it, as it’s pretty crush-proof from stacking books or other gadgets on top (weird). The keys are flat and don’t stick out There isn’t much of an edge for anything to catch on, making the Keys-to-Go an excellent choice if you want to bring it around in a bag that has other items.


Adjusting to using the Logitech Keys-to-Go didn’t take me that long. If you’ve been accustomed to island-style keys, it’s a very natural shift. All it can take is a millimeter or two difference between a pair of keyboards to throw a person off for a bit. But the Keys-to-Go’s depth and spacing help facilitate tactile navigation. Considering that this keyboard is more flat than not, it’s pretty delightful to glide fingers around and familiarize with key sizes quickly.

Logitech keys to go keyboard tablet

The Keys-to-Go is thinner than most naked tablets.

When it comes to making noise, the Logitech Keys-to-Go are practically silent. The most you’ll get is the light sound of padding fingers to accompany the flow of words. There is absolutely zero ‘clacking’ here, so you’re good to be productive in zones meant for quiet (e.g. library).

And unlike the vast majority of mobile keyboards out there, the Keys-to-Go features mechanical keys. Even if you may not fully understand (or care about) the functional difference, the feeling is immediate. For my fingers, mechanical keys are uh-mai-zing!

Another benefit of the Keys-to-Go keys is that you don’t have to worry about striking dead-center to register a stroke. Even a partial hit, like on a key corner, creates sufficient pressure to be recognized by the keyboard. And you don’t have to press down very hard either. Those with a soft touch will appreciate the accurate sensitivity for not missing keystrokes. Missed keys are a rarity, especially if the Keys-to-Go keyboard is the only Bluetooth device connected at that moment. Some smartphones or tablets suffer fluidity with wireless mice/keyboards when more than one is active at one time.

Logitech keys to go keyboard water proof

Spill proof? Yup. Just don’t leave liquids on for long (in case it permeates with its smell)

The same applies to unintended multiple keystrokes. Such problems tend to be exacerbated from having additional Bluetooth devices connected. If I am in the mood for music while typing, I tend to connect a speaker via auxiliary cable to avoid such wireless issues.

But if the Logitech Keys-to-Go is the only one, double/triple keystrokes are quite uncommon. They do happen once in awhile – I don’t know of any mobile Bluetooth keyboard that can claim complete immunity – but not enough for me to precisely remember when.

Overall, the typing experience with the Logitech Keys-to-Go is very fluid. It handles multiple, simultaneous (e.g. holding shift-CTRL and an arrow key for text selection) keystrokes at the same time like a pro. All the functions and features work as intended. That may seem like a silly comment to make, but I’ve had quirky keyboards in the past.

Ergonomics with the Keys-to-Go is wholly dependent on the typing surface relative to one’s wrist positions. Personally, I love not needing any wrist-rest because this keyboard is so thin and flat. There is no need to reach up or over, and I’m able to keep my hands and wrists in a very neutral position. I (quite literally) have been able to type for hours on end without feeling any fatigue or soreness at all. All you need is proper posture, table, and chair height.

Bluetooth & Battery

Although the Logitech Keys-to-Go likely wouldn’t pair that far away from a connected device, it actually has a fantastic Bluetooth wireless range. I’ve been able to create written content up to about 35 feet away. Clear connection. Totally error-free. Was it practical? Not really. Couldn’t see what I was typing.

Logitech keys to go keyboard tablet lenovo

It’s pretty much what you need for mobile productivity.

But this means that the Keys-to-Go makes a great choice for HTPCs or any situation where you may need to type from, say, 10 feet away. It beats using a remote control to select individual letters when searching for shows to stream. Or maybe you just want to sit back from the PC a bit. It just works.

The Logitech Keys-to-Go hasn’t ever disconnected while I’ve been actively working with it. If the keyboard does go idle when on and not in use, I don’t know it. Each time I’ve ever returned to typing from an extended break, I just hit a key and continue. There is no wait time at all. If you’re one to shut things off when they’re not currently in use, you can do that too. The Keys-to-Go connects within two seconds after flipping the power switch on.

The specs/information for this keyboard indicate it takes only a couple hours (if that?) for it to fully recharge. I know nothing of that. I’ve been using the Logitech Keys-to-Go for a couple of months, hours each day, with the charge it had right out of the box. When I had stopped by the Logitech booth at CES 2015, they mentioned that the top customer service call is with regards to “non-functioning Keys-to-Go.” It turns out that most people simply forget this keyboard runs off a battery and needs to be charged, like at least a few times a year. Not bad! I keep pressing the battery-check button to see if it changes to anything else besides a green LED.


The best part about the Logitech Keys-to-Go is that it’s completely device agnostic. Tablet keyboard folios may be a perfect match for something specific, but what happens when you decide to upgrade? What if you want to use the keyboard with a smartphone or PC? That’s what makes the Keys-to-Go so great for the long-term; it’s always there for you. And with the money you save from not having to upgrade a new keyboard each time, you can buy other Logitech products! Haha, just kidding.. or am I?

But when you own Logitech, you can feel pretty secure it’s going to last you for quite some time. If it weren’t for the Keys-to-Go being so darn convenient in each of its ways, I’d still be using my older Logitech K810. The K810 is still a great keyboard, but I value the thin, spill-proof portability of the Keys-to-Go more. Sure, I do miss the backlit keys, but we can’t have everything. Not until Logitech heeds demands and creates the wonderfully improbable.

Despite how great this keyboard is, some may not prefer it due to comfort related to the size and/or layout. Or maybe the way it feels to the touch (but I can adapt better than many). Even though the keys have good separation from each other, they may be too cozy for those with larger hands. Or those who prefer more finger room. Otherwise, it’s easy to appreciate its mechanical performance in such slim form. And if you already own a tablet, adding the Keys-to-Go this as another carry item isn’t asking for much. Those who look to tablets as a laptop replacement, and want a keyboard they can use for a very long time, this is it for you right here.

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