HIRIS wearable PC could change the fitness tracker game

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Fitness trackers. By now, most people should have a general awareness of the big names out there and what they’re all about. As you go about your day, the connected device stays on top of steps, distance, heart rate, and so forth. While this may be enough for some, it’s certainly not for the team behind HIRIS.

Currently funding toward success on Indiegogo, the HIRIS PC goes above and beyond what one might expect from a wearable. Although it shares features and abilities with smartwatches and fitness trackers, HIRIS isn’t labeled as either. Pretty smart move.

HIRIS wearable PC tracker wristWhat’s so different about this wearable in particular? It’s the intended scope of connectivity and the greater appeal to a variety of lifestyles. So, you’ll have your basic sensor loadout: altitude, compass, GPS, movement, steps, distance, BMP, and such.

But the HIRIS CORE can control other connected devices such as smartphones, smart home lighting, and PC software. Some of these actions are triggered by simple gestures in front of the wearable’s face.

The HIRIS is also expandable with one or more trackers. These trackers can be mounted almost anywhere, gathering movement data for specific purposes. Much of the focus appears to revolve sports and rehabilitation, since these trackers can be set at multiple body points. Unlike other trackers meant to assist in self-improvement for one particular sport, HIRIS can work for any of them.

With enough trackers, HIRIS can be useful for animation designers by providing results similar to design studios, but without the huge expense.

Unlike many other wearables out there, HIRIS can be worn and mounted in multiple ways. It ties in with its modular design, also making it easy to separate for when it needs to recharge on its wireless charging pad.

HIRIS is well on its way to complete its $80,000 goal in a month’s time. Check out the campaign page for full specifications and details.


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