Now you can post selfies to.. breakfast toast

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Whether it’s the ultimate accessory for the known narcissist in your life, a means to stake claim on bread at an aggressive breakfast table, or because you own pictures that are oh-so-cute-that-you-can’t-stand-it-and-must-consume-it, you can now eat your selfies.

hammacher schlemmer selfie toasterYup, the Selfie Toaster exists, and it comes straight from the unique crazy geniuses at Hammacher Schlemmer. For the most part, this selfie toaster looks like the average, two-slice pop-up toaster. But the secret is in crafted heating inserts. Upon submission of a photograph, you’ll receive a pair of stainless steel inserts that slip in and out of the toaster.

Now instead of having a plain piece bread, you can thoroughly revel in a custom breakfast with your favorite photos toasted in crispy shades of brown. If you’re skilled enough to create some designer pancakes and latte art, then breakfast can fill tummies and souls equally.

Although, when you get to thinking about the spreading of buttery goodness and the smearing of preserves all over a loved one’s face (heck, it could be yours), it almost starts to sound like the 50 shades of toast.

Then there’s the whole sinister concept of eating photos of the faces of your enemies, like some yummy-bad juju. What do you all think?

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